Our shared C-Suite model is the perfect solution. We will connect companies with key management services, at a fraction of the cost to hiring one full-time.


A network of seasoned professionals, minimum of 15 years of experience.



A unique access to a community of experienced C-level talents at affordable cost and shared time basis.

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Put the necessary resources in place and build a framework of processes to improve workflow and increase revenue.


Shared-Csuite offers numerous benefits for your business


Get hands on management

Orchestrate weekly your teams and projects for increased efficiency of outputs and optimized costs


Leverage expertise & network

Leverage from his/her experience in pitches, & meetings. Access a comprehensive network, for synergies and find raisings


Focus on priorities

Focus on your growth with our management support. Refine your strategic plan with fresh external eyes


Shared time & cost with flexible exit

Get quality support for the desired number of days per week. Have your teams trained & processes set for a smooth exit


We are an eco system with 7 areas of expertise

Companies can select one or several to align their business objectives with the right management service.